Image Stabilisation and Other Advanced Features

The Olympus PEN E-PL9 features in-body image stabilisation for capturing beautiful photos and movies with minimal blurring. It also has excellent basic features including autofocus and high-speed sequential shooting.

Blur-free high image quality

The E-PL9 features top class[*] in-body image stabilisation (IS) performance. Combined with the same TruePic VIII image processor as used in the top-of-the-line OM-D E-M1 Mark II, this feature makes it possible to capture beautiful photos with minimal noise even in dark conditions.

  • Stabilisation performance: 3.5 shutter speed stops, lens: M.Zuiko Digital ED 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 EZ, focal length: 42mm (35mm equivalent focal length: 84mm), CIPA standard compliant, when correction is carried out on two axes (Yaw/Pitch)

In-body IS provides confident stabilisation for all lenses[*]

X. Yaw / Y. Pitch / Z. Roll

Since the IS system is in the camera body rather than in the lenses, stability is achieved no matter what lens[*] you use, and even compensates for roll blur which tends to occur in dark locations.

  • Micro Four Thirds or Four Thirds lenses
  • Tele-photo: Yaw Pitch
  • Night Scape: Roll

Shoot beautiful handheld 4K video

Powerful in-body IS makes it possible to capture beautiful 4K video even when shooting handheld. It is also possible to extract and save still images from recorded 4K movies.

Auto Mode makes taking beautiful photos easy

Use Auto Mode and leave detailed settings up to the camera so you can easily capture beautiful photos simply by activating the shutter. The camera detects subjects' faces, eyes, brightness, colour, and movement, and automatically selects the optimal settings.

Simply select a subject for optimal settings

Scene Mode features six themes including People, Nightscapes, and Scenery. Choose one and simply touch the icon that most closely matches the type of scene you want to shoot to capture images using the perfect settings.

Built-in flash useful in many occasions

The E-PL9 is equipped with a built-in flash that can be used anytime, anywhere to capture images of appropriate brightness and minimal blurring. With it you can light up subjects that tend to be dark in backlit conditions or against nightscapes.

Quick and accurate autofocus

This model is equipped with a 121-point FAST AF (Frequency Acceleration Sensor Technology Autofocus) for comprehensive coverage of a wide area. It quickly and accurately focuses on the subject of your choice. It is also compatible with C-AF for continuous focusing on moving subjects, 9-point group target, and Face Detection/Eye Detection AF which focuses on faces and eyes.

  • Face & Eye Detection
  • Cluster display
  • C-AF

Up to 8.6-fps high-speed sequential shooting

The PEN E-PL9 features high-speed sequential shooting with a maximum speed of 8.6 frames per second. This makes it possible to capture split-second expressions on fast-moving subjects.

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